Monday, March 31, 2008

Trip Day two...

Today has been busy...but I think any day that begins with Lego store (second photo) right after breakfast and the American Girl store right after that... has to be a parental day of exhaustion!!

I always love the lego store but couldn't commit to anything that we "need" so we left after a lot of play time. And headed to one of the best run, best place to give away copious amounts of money without really noticing store I have ever been in. The American Girl Store really is well organized. They are uber friendly!! And they have everything you could think of or maybe not think of for a doll or child. The hair salon (photo 3 Ana at work) was like a group of miracle workers as they recovered our lovely Elizbeth's hair and made her all lovely and clean just in time for lunch. And lunch was beyond words. The cafe (photo 5) itself is done in pink, black and white stripes and polka dots. It is decked out and you are treated like royalty. But I must say they have this so timed and are shoving you out but you do not feel shoved out...just efficiently run...and the dessert plate was gorgeous!! And they give you 3 desserts!!!!!!!! What's not to love it you get 3 desserts!!! (photo 1) We then had to narrow down the shopping and escape with our aching feet back to the hotel for a recouperation period.
Ella's favorite thing for the day was escalators we spent over 45 minutes going up and back down them at the shopping center before Lego opened! (photo 4)
We hope to wander back out tonight for a carriage ride, a surprise for the ladies. Who knows what dinner will entailed I feel like all we have done is eat, which isn't such a bad thing!! Too bad I have a physical when I get back!! Yikes!! It is a misty rain kind of day today and Bronwyn and I have a serious curling issue of the hair today, did I mention our napkin ring at the American Girl Cafe was a black and white polka dot scrunchie we got to take home??? LOL is there anything they don't have covered??? More as days warrant!!

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Looks like a pretty awesome time!!