Friday, April 4, 2008


Well we survived the attack on Chicago!! I truly felt like every other word out of my mouth was "Stop" "Don't touch that" "Come here"or the big one "Be quiet you are too loud!!" Sigh...but all in all it was good for the ladies to see their are cultures other than their own and that there is life outside our little town. Both of them were amazed by all the languages being spoken around them and Bronwyn even spent part of breakfast one morning counting in Spanish to a lovely couple from Argentina!! I must say the ladies adapted to the perks of city life quickly and Bronwyn even hailed a cab to dinner one evening. Ella even went up to the cue and opened the door to get in!! So truly public transport was their favorite part of the trip (they may say otherwise but I know the truth).
It was so very nice to sleep in my own bed last night! I am not good at sleeping in hotels! I just never seem to completely settle in and our hotel Hotel 71 in Chicago was lovely... I liked eating food that had seen vegetables... And the girls are hot to garden this we spent today making room for our plantlings to poke through the still cold ground, although today felt balmy at 47 degrees!!
I am not thrilled to have plans before I go back to happyland (work). My friend is putting on a belly dance workshop and to be supportive to her and all her hard work I need to get myself up and presentable and go take a few classes before I have to come home and get ready for work! Ugh! Any other Saturday it would not seem so bad but I just want to wander around my house for a bit...lounge...relax...find my stuff for work!! Oh well sacrifices!!
Photos: top very very good oatmeal at corner cafe we ate at every morning. It had everything in it!!! Second: John and B at the Shedd Aquarium, she is looking so so big!! Third: Dolphin show Fourth: We did manage a carriage rid with Reebok the horse!

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