Sunday, April 13, 2008


Somedays this is exactly how I feel!! Just like enough already! Like the world may be buzzing around me just a bit too quickly and my days are getting just a little too full and like I need to break it all up with just some silly or a shout or a tantrum even... Silly usually works better for the rest of the people in my world but sometimes you need to have a tantrum...and as a grown up that isn't as acceptable as it really should be!! Just because I grew up doesn't mean I can cope with everything that is thrown at me in my world...
But today I am relaxed and enjoying my mat`e and will have to tip off to work in an hour but till then I will enjoy the moment of peace and my new cd by Vampire Weekend...enjoy your day and have a tantrum if you need one or just find a little silly in your day!!!

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