Sunday, April 20, 2008


This is the aftermath of the 5K...I made it...I survived it...and now to keep walking to get ready for the next one in June!! I walked it with a friend who has lost a tremendous amount of weight and has treadmilled all winter...I have walked twice since last summer...and I haven't yet mentioned my lovely friend is 5'10 with long legs to my 5'5 with stumpy legs...she was motivated and cheerleaded me appropriately as I huffed and puffed and held her back...but out of hundreds of walkers we were 27th (her) and 28th (me). So really not a bad effort...but I felt it this time...and she is stoked so her goal is to take our 42.26 minute time and make it 39 me thinks there is a lot of work to do!!!! But there was a time in not to distant memory that I would have never imagined doing this much less signing up and actually doing progress has been made and it felt good once my legs stopped feeling like rubber!!

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