Thursday, July 30, 2009

Upside down yoga girl...

I am so behind in my postings so today you get two! One day in our kid's yoga class, Bronwyn and I were the only two students so our instructor pushed us a bit farther in our practice...and as you see my little yogini has really taken to the challenge. She asks me nearly every day to help her up into headstand. I on the other hand was unable to get up into the pose in a clumsy fit of giggles. I must say since Bronwyn and I began the yoga journey, she has been much better about incorporating her practice into her day to day life. I could really learn something and pick up some discipline from this 8 year old yoga girl! She is mindful and gets out her yoga cards I picked up for her in Portland and rolls out her mat and does her own sequence...she is a very wise lady and my hopes are that this gives her the outlet in the world for all the little annoyances and big ole worries. Because with being so wise comes worries that seem bigger than her 8 years. She internalizes a lot of the ick the world puts out there and finds a way to fret about it all. She has a big ole heart and worries about us all. So I hope that her yoga will give her perspective and some coping. A tool to help her survive herself. So that all the bad could happens in the world are replaced with the now and calm and the being in the world.

Eating Out...

Our front porch has become my favorite place to eat out...and I am a little sad that it has been so busy that we haven't done nearly enough of that. I like to experiment and try new recipes and soak in the fresh produce I get in the CSA and farmers market. But this summer has been a dud for me to experiment and try I just have been down and exhausted mentally and physically. But I cherish the moments when life slows down just enough and we can all have a seat and enjoy a really lovely meal...this offering was pancetta, free range eggs, farm tomato, organic lettuce and some wasabi mayo with coffee and a splash of orange juice. I feel truly rich to be sitting there with my table cloth, candles, and flowers from the garden...just watching the world pass us by!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Girl of Summer

Ella looked like summer today in her colors and with her blonde hair, blue eyes, and little hint of a tan...and her sassiness was ever present today as well! So, she posed again as I messed with her. I love that goofy little smile with all the craziness of the teeth new and old. I love this girl's sense of humor. She has the world's wickedest wit, don't forget she is only 5!! I actually think there is only one person who might give her a run for her monely with that and that would be her Daddy!! But even though I try, I have trouble holding back the laughter when Ella looks at the world and gives you her opinion... and oh will she ever give you her we try to teach some even though I was home for not so good reasons I am grateful that I had this time with my sassy little lady to enjoy some giggles and laughter on the front porch. These really are good days!