Saturday, May 31, 2008

Good Day

Today was another one of those dreamy, idealistic little days, the ones that actually play out like the one you had in your head. Where all the parties involved are content and happy and on the same page...and wandering and exploring all comes together...and we all find our place in the day... Bronwyn and I managed to get a bike ride in down to the farmer's market this morning. Not much in yet in our neck of the words but we did get some asparagus and spinach and I got some more herb plants (chammomile, dill, rosemary, and oregano were the new additions). I even got to get into the dirt and get them all planted today!! While we were gone John and Ella were crafting a lovely breakfast. We had pancakes and sausage and coffee and tea and orange juice all on our front porch. We even had a bouquet of lily of the valley a friend had given me for table decoration. I love lily of the valley so sweet smelling and they always remind me of being a little girl!! So thanks so much Margaret for the lovelies!
Then the ladies wanted to get out, so we being the lucky people we are, went to Dow Gardens, a lovely garden at the end of our street, photos above. It is full of paths and grass and places to wander and imagine. And there is a kids garden with water spouts where the girls get soaked and play...and if anyone who reads this can tell me what the cute little blue flowers above are I would really appreciate it!! I would love to get some of those in my yard!!
Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Down time...

John took my lovelies to Indy over the weekend to see my parents before they head off to Ireland for 7 wks. (I couldn't go because I had to work) So I got some down time. Bless his heart but he cleaned and did laundry and even put my bike where I could get it in and out easily by myself so that I would relax and maybe read, watch movies and maybe even craft...but alas I found all asundry things I could clean and weed and get rid of while the ladies were not here to supervise. I finally got around to getting shoe racks for their closet and got all the shoes sorted. This was a major achievement! They have a lot of shoes, we have several folks who hand down to us so we have sizes ahead as well. And two ladies sharing a closet eventually something has to give. So I vacuumed and scrubbed the floor and went through old toys and weeded down the dress up clothes from three bins to two...and I felt like I had really accomplished something!! And my 7 year old was even impressed! (you know it had gotten bad when it was her who had said I wish we had a shoe rack). Then I hit a few yard sales with my thrifting buddy Kate. I didn't find huge things but what I did were uber cheap and made me very happy to look at...I got a leap pad book (why they have stopped producing this wonderful item I do not know!) for .25 new in the package. I got the lovely basket pictured for .50. I got the stars (I have a thing for stars) for .50 I got a brand new package of white taper candles for .25. I got the cool green peg thingie for .10 and the uber find was the lovely baby quilt with hand embroidered squares for .25. There was even a little bat on it which I thought was lovely!! She took me out to lunch after and got me home in time to go to my massage! I must say I didn't realize how badly I needed one of these! It had been nearly a year and I was unable to completely turn my neck to the right to look over my shoulder (work stress has been really high!!) and when the lady was done I had no pain and full movement! Blessings to all masseuses!! You are miracle workers!! After this I got to go home and snuggle up to watch my netflix movie it was The Things We Lost In the Fire. I thought it was quite good and really enjoyed the cinematography! Then I tidied and got some snacks ready for guests set up some candles in the backyard poured myself a gin and Squirt and had a great dancing type evening at home with friends and neighbors. And although I did not craft or ride like I was supposed to it was a good weekend and it was even better to get the gang home last night! I managed to get today off so I could have some time with them before Bronwyn heads back to school tomorrow! So more photos later but there it the update!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Ok my friend Kate would tell you I might have a tiny little problem with not coming home with a new lamp...I may have a few that I have not yet found a place for nor a shade for...but this time I found a lovely one much like new the shade even lacked dust (might as well be new if there is no dust in my book!) And my little yard sale find was all of 2 dollars!! And this one I found a place for!! I love yard sales and thrift stores!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just a glimpse

Amazingly enough they are sharing all that I hold dear in the world...reading, biking, is keeping my fingers crossed hoping they don't forget the basics as they grow and change. Hoping they remember the importance of home, family, earth, and exploration. And hoping they always feel how much they are loved!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


This year Bronwyn has been hot to garden...all things gardening and planting...she was so anxious that we started some plants from seeds just so she could see something growing before Michigan became hospitable for outdoor planting... As a fundraiser for her school, they sold vouchers for flats of plants at a local nursery so we went and picked them out and Bronwyn asked if we could get vegetables she really wanted to plant eggplant and low and behold they had some plants. I had places to go that evening but she was so excited to be getting things out that I dug the big top soil and she did all the rest including digging compost into the holes. I was taken aback. She worked so very hard. And the next morning the first thing she asked was "What can I plant now?" She is learning about taking care of something. About how our waste becomes something good. She is learning to green up her little corner of the world. She is learning to grow food and how to nourish those she loves.
We also joined our local CSA. We are sharing it with another family and are excited to get the girls out there and see how food is grown and where it comes from. We are looking forward to the season and to see all the varieties of foods that will come our way. Plus they have chickens so we get eggs and the kids can feed the chickens when they go out there. I may have to find a few new recipes for the new produce we get...can't wait till he gives us the call that the first lot is in!!! Here is to growth and locally grown foods!!!!!! (Can't get more local than our backyard!!)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Perfect Day...

So Mother's Day this year couldn't have been nicer...I had it off so I got to lounge was cooler than I would have liked outside but I put my freshly cleaned porch to use and spent it the best way possible, snuggled and reading!!!! with the lovelies, then we went to my favorite restaurant Genji, and followed the whole day up with a walk in the rain!!!! (which I have always loved!!) I find the older I get the less days I get to lounge and relax with the gang...there is always something pulling me another direction and sucking up our much needed down time. So that weekend was like a true vacation. No plans, no running, a lot of snuggling, and time around the house. I really love a day snuggled in the blankies with the candles and incense going and books and journals and coffee or tea and the topper would be fresh baked goods from the kitchen...and if it is rainy all the better...I have been behind in my posts and have a lot more photos to get on here...maybe I need a flickr account??? Are those easy to set up?? Is Flickr as addicting as the blog world has been? Not sure I need another distraction...hmmmm....more really soon!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Well this weekend I feel like I accomplished some things...mind you it helped that I had extra time off a mini holiday for me with no plans and plenty of time to potter around and just be, I haven't had that in quite a long time. But I managed to get my porch washed!! I made it like an aromatherapy day I used lavender castille soap so it was very spa like!! I found the table and chairs at a yard sale a week ago. I had been wanting a set of some sort for the front porch so we could have tea or snacks out there...more of an outdoors room but hadn't found anything I loved or really fit the age of our home...or that I could afford...but voila there we have it. I love how it all turned out! I got everything scoured and the cushions back out and the candles ready to be lit...and of course today was chilly, windy and rainy, but I spent a good hour or so snuggled out there in my thrifted blankies reading my Mary Engelbreit magazine and listening to the ladies as they snuggled alongside with books and journals. And did I mention the lovely melodies of the windchimes...yeah life is good!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wanna be...

This is where I want to be...snuggled up with my yummy, watching the sun filter through the lace curtain, some music on, a good book (currently reading Eat Pray Love), and if it is a really good day, some strong coffee and my snuggle blankies...I really would have been up for an all day snuggle day but alas work called...and I dragged myself away from the world of comfy couches and yummy head here...sigh...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Week in review...

Well the week is nearly over, and I have been running around like crazy as per usual lately... I had to bake for the school carnival which is this evening, I worked at our co-op, had a date with the Irishman, took a friend out for her Birthday for dinner, movie (Baby Mama cute...but crass), and a drink...and tonight is the carnival then I am off with girlfriends to see my favorite local band, Empty Pockets. Tomorrow we go have breakfast at the fly in breakfast at our local airport, the girls love the pancakes and seeing the planes...
Above, Ella and her friend Zoe's fashion show, our life love how John captured all the movement, My Irishman eating his lovely Indian dinner on his school tray (he loves these things and I am not sure why) complete with a carton not of milk but raspberry keifer, and last was Bronwyn this morning before spirit day at school (Beach day) she won for best off we go for screaming and sugar!!!!