Sunday, May 18, 2008


This year Bronwyn has been hot to garden...all things gardening and planting...she was so anxious that we started some plants from seeds just so she could see something growing before Michigan became hospitable for outdoor planting... As a fundraiser for her school, they sold vouchers for flats of plants at a local nursery so we went and picked them out and Bronwyn asked if we could get vegetables she really wanted to plant eggplant and low and behold they had some plants. I had places to go that evening but she was so excited to be getting things out that I dug the big top soil and she did all the rest including digging compost into the holes. I was taken aback. She worked so very hard. And the next morning the first thing she asked was "What can I plant now?" She is learning about taking care of something. About how our waste becomes something good. She is learning to green up her little corner of the world. She is learning to grow food and how to nourish those she loves.
We also joined our local CSA. We are sharing it with another family and are excited to get the girls out there and see how food is grown and where it comes from. We are looking forward to the season and to see all the varieties of foods that will come our way. Plus they have chickens so we get eggs and the kids can feed the chickens when they go out there. I may have to find a few new recipes for the new produce we get...can't wait till he gives us the call that the first lot is in!!! Here is to growth and locally grown foods!!!!!! (Can't get more local than our backyard!!)

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