Sunday, May 11, 2008


Well this weekend I feel like I accomplished some things...mind you it helped that I had extra time off a mini holiday for me with no plans and plenty of time to potter around and just be, I haven't had that in quite a long time. But I managed to get my porch washed!! I made it like an aromatherapy day I used lavender castille soap so it was very spa like!! I found the table and chairs at a yard sale a week ago. I had been wanting a set of some sort for the front porch so we could have tea or snacks out there...more of an outdoors room but hadn't found anything I loved or really fit the age of our home...or that I could afford...but voila there we have it. I love how it all turned out! I got everything scoured and the cushions back out and the candles ready to be lit...and of course today was chilly, windy and rainy, but I spent a good hour or so snuggled out there in my thrifted blankies reading my Mary Engelbreit magazine and listening to the ladies as they snuggled alongside with books and journals. And did I mention the lovely melodies of the windchimes...yeah life is good!!

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