Saturday, May 17, 2008

Perfect Day...

So Mother's Day this year couldn't have been nicer...I had it off so I got to lounge was cooler than I would have liked outside but I put my freshly cleaned porch to use and spent it the best way possible, snuggled and reading!!!! with the lovelies, then we went to my favorite restaurant Genji, and followed the whole day up with a walk in the rain!!!! (which I have always loved!!) I find the older I get the less days I get to lounge and relax with the gang...there is always something pulling me another direction and sucking up our much needed down time. So that weekend was like a true vacation. No plans, no running, a lot of snuggling, and time around the house. I really love a day snuggled in the blankies with the candles and incense going and books and journals and coffee or tea and the topper would be fresh baked goods from the kitchen...and if it is rainy all the better...I have been behind in my posts and have a lot more photos to get on here...maybe I need a flickr account??? Are those easy to set up?? Is Flickr as addicting as the blog world has been? Not sure I need another distraction...hmmmm....more really soon!!!

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