Thursday, January 31, 2008


I so, so, so need to dance. And I mean need not just want...all the way down to my very core I need dance like I need air. It doesn't matter if it is kitchen dancing...I just need it... I have put it aside lately, pushed it back to the back burner, ignored the niggling feeling... But I think it is time to put on the music, push back the furniture and let go!!
But between colds and family time...I seem to neglect it and shove it deep down...then something happens and it bubbles up and up and up till it explodes and I can't make it go away any more!! So let there be dancing!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


There are just days as a mother, that I think my chest will simply explode with how much I love these two little ladies!! Yesterday, was one of those days.
I came home yesterday and E ( the little one) just exuded yumminess! She was dressed cute, her hair was cute, and her smile melted me! And after a little debate, she decided to give me some snuggle time!! Let me tell you snuggle time with her is beyond rare!! She is a busy lady and sitting still usually doesn't fit in her day's plan. She is four by the way. So after some E goodness she reaches over and gives me a big kiss on the cheek!! Kisses are even rarer than snuggles!!!!! So I was one happy Mama!
So it came time for the elder statesman to come home from school. As a lot of you know, getting two children both in a good mood doesn't occur as frequently as we would all like! So unfairly, I expect the wrath of B to come through the door. But instead, in walks sunshine. B is seven and the way she talks and gestures and communicates has just really changed. She astounds me with her insight and maturity! Where I expect a little girl there is the budding of a young lady! She really hit all my soft spots in life last night. She read to me, then I was getting some things ready for the end of the week so she came and sat with me and wrote in her journal. A journal has been an appendage for her since she could scribble. We talked about big life issues (counting backwards from 45...and blogs and if she could have one someday...menus and things to take to parties...)
After all my B time, we got to read a great little kids book series, SkippyJonJones!! These are really great and even won the EB White award for books to read aloud to children. We laughed a lot!!
So the night was a good one. So many amazing moments all in one evening! Time just goes by so very fast! I just want to hold on so, so tight!!! Sigh....

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I don't know if anyone else remembers them, but in the 70's possibly late 60's there were little books and card series with a little naked boy and girl on them and the title was Love is... and there would be some cute or comical one liner underneath...well I definitely got my Love is... moment last night!

I work a late shift on Saturday night, so my gang is usually all tucked into their beds by the time I get home. So when I walked into the kitchen last night I found the magna doodle message above!! You see, I discovered the glory of shawls this year and usually as soon as I walk into my very chilly Michigan abode I encircle myself with one and Himself introduced me to hot water bottle love last year (the Irish use them for survival right up there with tea!!) . My favorite late night, guilty pleasure is fresh popped popcorn. On the stove top, with salt and a good dose of butter! So my dear heart had the oil in the pan the butter ready to be melted and the popcorn in the measuring cup waiting to be poured in!!! Really what more could a girl ask for??? So now something new you know about me, I am really and truly spoiled!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


So even though my head may very well explode, (did I mention even my teeth hurt???) I ventured out in the world yesterday. I met my lovely friend Gloria with hopes of looking at rocks, yeah we like rocks and stones a lot!!, but the little shop was closed so we went and had tea and browsed at lovely books, well I should say drooled over lovely books! Once we had chatted, teaed and meandered appropriately, I realized I had only been out of the house an what else might I get into while out in the world....hmmm....the Salvation Army was having their re-grandopening....they recently added an entire extra shopfront onto their space all of it supposed to be women's clothes, I would prefer housewares and bric brac myself but they didn't ask me!

So I toddled over to have a poke around. They gave out blue tickets when you walked in for drawings and I immediately immersed myself in women's pants. For some reason I have very few pants that fit...I have hundreds of tops and cardies but not much to rotate through the lower half...and as is per usual I tried on 5 pairs to find one pair of jeans!! Oh and let me say I was not impressed that the store that used to be half the size used to have 3 fitting rooms and now the mega store has one...they said they would like to not have pants become a gamble at the Sally! Which I wouldn't mind if they weren't sometimes trying to charge 5 dollars a pair...and they weren't so surly...very disgruntled employees at our Sally!! I dug some more and found a cool embroidered doiley thingie with a flamingo on it, a couple of tank tops ( I believe in layers!) and of course another cardie!! (I think I have a problem, do they make a cardigans anonymous????) Well I was there long enough to be present for one of the drawings!! And as a shock to myself, I won!! I won a 50 dollar gift certificate!!! That is a lot of shopping at the Sally!! So one good thing came from my wandering...but then I was really tired so I went home to snuggle my lovelies and read bedtime books and curl up, once again, on my couch.

Oh, my little duckie above was a complete impulse purchase at a yard sale last summer. For some reason I had to have him and at 1.50 I didn't deny myself. He sat in the kitchen waiting to be worked into some shelf or area of the home, and Himself must have gotten tired of him there because I came home one day to find him on a ledge by our side door... I was sure I would move him, but you know he has been great to see as I come and go (especially after an icky day at work). His goofy little colorful self really picks me up and makes me smile, so 1.50 worked out to be really cheap therapy!! Who knew????

Ok, guess I need to get ready for work...and it is snowing yet again!!! Sigh....

Friday, January 25, 2008


I have finally joined the land of blogs and bloggers!! I started blogging on Myspace last year and I wasn't sure if I would take to the whole idea of journalling without my precious pen and paper, but low and behold I did. Then I began exploring other blogs and the inspiration grew! I wanted to play! I wanted to create and share my little corner of the world too! I wanted pictures and links and friends and comments!! So after a lot of rent in my head of titles and images and beginnings...I found blogspot...and thankfully it was so easy to set up that even computer illiterate me was able to get started. I am excited for this new beginning and this outlet for the ideas and things in my head!!

So still fighting a never ending round of ick...I pottered around in my kitchen this morning and produced some pumpkin coffeecake and my Gran's soda bread... I always feel at peace when I cook. My kitchen is tiny, my counter a postage stamp, but I love to be in there. I love the measuring spoons and my big red kitchen aid mixer. I love the stirring and the kneading and of course the smell and anticipation of something I created. I think cooking fills something in people and is my best way to nurture and care for those around me! I love to feed people and think that is the answer to any question or problem. So today finds me discovering blogging in the grown up world and savoring tea for three (Himself wasn't up yet) and some yummy soda bread!!