Sunday, January 27, 2008


I don't know if anyone else remembers them, but in the 70's possibly late 60's there were little books and card series with a little naked boy and girl on them and the title was Love is... and there would be some cute or comical one liner underneath...well I definitely got my Love is... moment last night!

I work a late shift on Saturday night, so my gang is usually all tucked into their beds by the time I get home. So when I walked into the kitchen last night I found the magna doodle message above!! You see, I discovered the glory of shawls this year and usually as soon as I walk into my very chilly Michigan abode I encircle myself with one and Himself introduced me to hot water bottle love last year (the Irish use them for survival right up there with tea!!) . My favorite late night, guilty pleasure is fresh popped popcorn. On the stove top, with salt and a good dose of butter! So my dear heart had the oil in the pan the butter ready to be melted and the popcorn in the measuring cup waiting to be poured in!!! Really what more could a girl ask for??? So now something new you know about me, I am really and truly spoiled!!!

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BabyBrowman said...

My husband says it's not "spoiled," it's "well taken care of." I don't care that he got that from a bumper sticker, I still prefer the phrasing!