Tuesday, January 29, 2008


There are just days as a mother, that I think my chest will simply explode with how much I love these two little ladies!! Yesterday, was one of those days.
I came home yesterday and E ( the little one) just exuded yumminess! She was dressed cute, her hair was cute, and her smile melted me! And after a little debate, she decided to give me some snuggle time!! Let me tell you snuggle time with her is beyond rare!! She is a busy lady and sitting still usually doesn't fit in her day's plan. She is four by the way. So after some E goodness she reaches over and gives me a big kiss on the cheek!! Kisses are even rarer than snuggles!!!!! So I was one happy Mama!
So it came time for the elder statesman to come home from school. As a lot of you know, getting two children both in a good mood doesn't occur as frequently as we would all like! So unfairly, I expect the wrath of B to come through the door. But instead, in walks sunshine. B is seven and the way she talks and gestures and communicates has just really changed. She astounds me with her insight and maturity! Where I expect a little girl there is the budding of a young lady! She really hit all my soft spots in life last night. She read to me, then I was getting some things ready for the end of the week so she came and sat with me and wrote in her journal. A journal has been an appendage for her since she could scribble. We talked about big life issues (counting backwards from 45...and blogs and if she could have one someday...menus and things to take to parties...)
After all my B time, we got to read a great little kids book series, SkippyJonJones!! These are really great and even won the EB White award for books to read aloud to children. We laughed a lot!!
So the night was a good one. So many amazing moments all in one evening! Time just goes by so very fast! I just want to hold on so, so tight!!! Sigh....

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