Thursday, May 13, 2010

Snuggle up day...

Today the skies have opened...the gray has set in for a spell...the winds are blustery...and I command ye all to snuggle in the softest, coziest quilt you own (older is definitely better for this occasion), light a few gently scented candles, gather your journal, your favorite book, and a hot cup of liquid (your choice I suggest a sumatran or a double bergamont earl grey), and curl yourself up into your most favorite nesting spot and indulge the senses in all things peaceful...listen to the rain splatter, the winds chime or put on the music that makes you daydream! You are under orders so do not miss this opportunity...settle in relax and restore!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Feet!

When was the last time you looked down and were made to smile by a glimpse of your feet...I double dog dare you to not smile when you look at the ladies' footwear...see you couldn't do it could you!! How I covet those lime green shoes!!! Enjoy your day find a little happy and a whole lot of color!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The signs...

The signs have begun if only the answer would follow!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Where have I been you ask??

So where did I go? How could I have disappeared? How could I have left you hanging? Well it just happened. Life crept in and took over and devoured my extra energy and give a care. So over a month later I return. With only photos to taken with anticipation of finding a home in a snuggly blog post about the day, the event, the memories...alas that has gone and we have photos...we have been waiting for spring to sprung...rolling around in what sunshine we have found...watching things bloom and grow...finding museums and playing and exploring...travelling and seeing new places and old friends...waiting for baseball weather...listening to music...watching movies...having dates...eating new foods in new places...daydreaming...plotting...planning...pausing for some splashing...quenching the thrist with a few beverages...and just being together enjoying the world as we wander through.