Sunday, November 29, 2009


So, Bronwyn took part in a program called Girls On the Run. It is set up to empower girls and help them work as a team to meet the goal to run a 5K while learning about body image issues, treating themselves with respect, and healthy living. It is sponsored by Shelterhouse our local domestic violence center. In order to run in this event, my little lady had to have a running buddy. She asked me. I was honored and scared. I am not a runner. I have done it but am not a runner. Then I got sick for most of the practice season and that just added to my fear. So on November 19th I layered up, put on my running shoes, and went with one determined young lady to see what my unfit, unpracticed body could accomplish. Lo and behold...I finished! We walked some or I might have died but we finished the whole thing in 45 minutes so for one non-runner and one 8 yr. old I am pretty proud of that! And all this done to lead in the Santa Parade, culminating in my lovely girl getting a medal and Santa finally making his way downtown!! So if you think you can't do something, if it scares you to think it, then maybe just maybe that is the one thing you absolutely need to be out there doing!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Horse Show

Bronwyn had her first horse "show". It was a learning show so the kids could get used to how a show runs and what is expected of them. The folks who organize it also make sure that every kid gets a ribbon for every event they participate in. And although Bronwyn looked completely overwhelmed and lost, she got up there, she rode, she hung on, and she completed her events with a big ole smile. And those two ribbons she brought home were better than gold to her. A lifetime of self-confidence in the making! Way to go Bronwyn! Keep reaching, keep trying, and most of all keep smiling!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

This one...

Yep this goofy, little, monkey of a child is now SIX as of yesterday!!! Might I remind you that this is in fact my baby!!! And my baby is now SIX!!!!!!!!! I am not sure what happened to the time...where it it it slipped so quickly through my fingers...but what I know without a doubt is how very fortunate we are to have her in our world to make us laugh and smile and embrace our inner goofiness. May the world bring you much laughter and giggles in return my wonderful little monkey!! And wish us luck the big shindig is tomorrow night. She wanted a Music party complete with dancing, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blissed Out Posse

I recently had a friend who was angry and in the process of departing our circle of friends, who in agitation said "you and your blissed out posse". At first I was hurt, as anyone who is being left by a friend of many years would be, but in retrospect I rolled that phrase around in my head and found I liked it. I liked it a lot. I kind of think it is a pretty awesome thing to be part of a "Blissed Out Posse". I mean how many people nowadays find much bliss? How many give themselves over to happy? Far too few in my very humble opinion.
And as I thought about the women who make up this posse, I am awed and blessed to call each of them my friend. How fortunate I am in this busy, crazy, negative world to find these ladies seeking to be the best them they can be. Ladies who would open their arms and take you in if that is what you needed, ladies who support each other, ladies who nuture each other, ladies who will feed you mentally and literally, ladies who provide each other with a safe place to blossom, ladies who find the importance to take time out to giggle, and dance and be a little goofy. As moms, daughters, friends, girlfriends, wives, career women, domestic can get lost in all those roles and titles and lose sight of who you were and where you wanted to be going. So if I can say, I think being in a Blissed Out Posse should be a goal for everyone.
When was the last time you felt or recognized bliss? For me it comes in stolen small moments. The smell of coffee...bliss
Good music, candles, incense and a book to read...bliss
The smell of dinner cooking...bliss
The feel of snuggling into the blankies for an afternoon nap...bliss
The feel of a hot cup of tea in my favorite mug...bliss
Taking a walk and seeing and feeling the season...bliss
Losing myself in yoga...bliss
Laughing like I was five over goofy humor with silly friends...bliss
Dancing like I am 20 and not worrying about the world...bliss
So it comes even in little forms... and sometimes it is your perspective and how you slant your world that bring it. I think everyone, especially us girls, need a time out for some bliss. Life isn't or shouldn't always be analyzing and dissecting and looking for problems and placing blame and well a job or chore...sometimes it just needs a little carefree bliss.
So to my Posse thank you for loving me and supporting me and giggling with me. To those of you outside our are always welcome but you must love laughter, goofiness, and have a little peace for yourself... And to you who left, thank you for showing me my blessings.