Monday, June 29, 2009

Who'd a thunk??

Ok so here is the thing...I have been running. The one activity I have always said that I would never ever ever do. No one looks like they are happy running. They look pained and tortured, as do I now. Do I do it because it feels good...most definitely not! Do I do it because I am good at it...most definitely not! Do I do it because I think I am going to run marathons...not in this lifetime! I do it because it pushes me to reach and get out of my comfort zone. It challenges me. It so very much challenges me. But having started to face up to and meet that challenge head on I feel empowered. I feel strong and able and like yes I can! That is a very good feeling to have I must say! This running came as a symptom of a competition at work to lose weight. I had to try to increase my activity more than walking because results were slim... I am making big life changes. I have shifted my eating habits and totally increased my exercise and guess what????!!! It has started to work. Not in a big fast way but in a way I can maintain and continue on with. I have lost 7 pounds in 6 weeks. I am proud of this because I did this the right way and in a sustainable healthy way. I feel strong and like I may be able to do maybe I can make other changes as well...we shall see!! Portland anyone?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Sinclair Family

So once upon a time, there was a man named John and a woman named Isabel. It was 1926. They decided to build a house on a street in a town in Michigan. Well those two people went on to have 8 children who had children who married etc and so forth.
Well in 1996, a couple buys their first house and with this house comes a history about the Sinclairs with a picture of the 8 children on the front lawn. Intrigue and curiosity but forgotten with life as it came and went and changed. Flash ahead with me to 2006 a preschool and a mother and her daughter. Laughs and chit chat had then mother takes daughter to new preschool connection lost. Then yoga class mother and daughter reappear more chat ensues then there is facebook and some social gatherings with mutual friends and then finally the conversation..."You do not live in the big white house do you?" "Why yes I do?" "My father in law grew up in that house." Which brings us to today.
Today we had the honor of hosting the four remaining Sinclair children, a few spouses and a few children, and grandchildren and great grandchildren in our home, well their home really. It was an amazing day and lifted our hearts to hear all the memories and be greeted with hugs and kisses from a wonderful family who were so happy to be "home" again.
They wandered all around looking and peeking and remembering and my favorite brings tears to my eyes quotes was when one of the ladies (names are a blur to me right now) was coming down the stairs and she said "How many times has my hand come down this bannister?" I was really delighted that we could be part of this and see them all.
They said it was a happy house. A good place to grow up. And that there was always a lot of dancing in this house. Which funnily are things that people still say about our home. They always feel content here and there is always dancing!!
And to think several of them were born in what is now my bedroom is pretty darn powerful if you ask me!
This house has always been my gift and treasure. I love it's angles, it's quirks, it's history and the fact it had a story. I have always hoped to honor that story and add only good to it and today I had confirmation that in fact we really truly are. Thank you Sinclair Family for sharing your memories and reunion with us and hopefully there will be many more for us to witness!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


There are days when the light hits right, and the ladies are game, that I have them make all their faces...just keep changing it out as I snap the camera, of course some turn out and others blur but oh the giggles we share while they take a turn hamming...I will miss these days!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My girl...

My girl got her very first haircut today. Yes she is in fact 8 yrs old. But that is the way with really curly hair. You can't even tell it is really long because it boings up! So my lovely lady has asked me for a couple of months to get a haircut. I hemmed, I hawed, I tried to pretend I forgot...but then I realized I had to let go. I had to let her have some say. I had to trust her and her image of what she saw for herself. So she and I wandered over to Clare to see my guru Trisha. I am not sure Bronwyn slept much last night. When I went to check on her she looked like it was Christmas Eve not haircut eve. She was a little excited and worried and concerned. A quote, "You have told me my whole life to not let anyone have scissors around my head and now you tell me to let someone have scissors around my head. It freaks me out." She is very wise my girl! And I am not certain I have ever specifically said "don't let anyone have scissors around your head" but that is what stuck in her 8 yr. old brain. But the results are wonderful and what made it even more wonderful was the smile that came up onto that stunning little face. It came from her very deepest inside and she looked happy, glowy, pleased, and proud. Now that is a haircut!!! Don't you wish everyone you got could evoke all those feelings!! That would be worth the tip! And my little lady even asked Trisha to straighten her crazy curls just so she could see what it would be like for a couple of days to have straight hair! And look at her...she hardly seems the same girl...I think I brought home the wrong kid. This older looking child could not possibly be my first born...sigh...alas it all her beauty inner and outer she is mine and I like many other parents have not yet figured out to hold back time...Congrats Bronwyn on your vision and instinct you were right on the nose!!