Monday, June 29, 2009

Who'd a thunk??

Ok so here is the thing...I have been running. The one activity I have always said that I would never ever ever do. No one looks like they are happy running. They look pained and tortured, as do I now. Do I do it because it feels good...most definitely not! Do I do it because I am good at it...most definitely not! Do I do it because I think I am going to run marathons...not in this lifetime! I do it because it pushes me to reach and get out of my comfort zone. It challenges me. It so very much challenges me. But having started to face up to and meet that challenge head on I feel empowered. I feel strong and able and like yes I can! That is a very good feeling to have I must say! This running came as a symptom of a competition at work to lose weight. I had to try to increase my activity more than walking because results were slim... I am making big life changes. I have shifted my eating habits and totally increased my exercise and guess what????!!! It has started to work. Not in a big fast way but in a way I can maintain and continue on with. I have lost 7 pounds in 6 weeks. I am proud of this because I did this the right way and in a sustainable healthy way. I feel strong and like I may be able to do maybe I can make other changes as well...we shall see!! Portland anyone?


John said...

You amaze me! Just when i think i have an idea of who you are, you change, ever so slightly, become stronger as a person...branch out, and explore.
hey, lose 7 pounds for me too!

John said...

P.S. i like you, a lot.