Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Season

We are late...but that seems to be the story of my life at the moment. But tonight after dinner, I sat the girls and himself down with pumpkins and put them to work. Ella didn't even balk at scooping out the insides. I think I am a little concerned she was pretending to be eating out of her baby's head but she did it. She didn't want to carve the pumpkin but drew flowers on one side then wanted me to carve the smiley face on the other. She spent most of the time stirring the inards pretending she had made soup. Bronwyn amazed me this year. She cleaned it all out herself, had planned her own design, and even carved it herself!! It turned out really nice! She carved Trick or Treat on it! John of course is an artist in everything he does and it turned out really great! I just supervised and did the clean up and got all the stuff made for their parties tomorrow. Tomorrow will be too busy for words but it is just one day in the scheme of things.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


You know they were good when they ask for a camera to take a picture! Chocolate chip cookies and nice cold milk...a little family talk...a little sit down time...and a little after dinner drama!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ok, so I am watching mindless TV. The gang is snuggled in bed and I am watching a show about women who are having lots and lots of plastic surgery. Now as a woman, I am normal. I have parts of my body I do not love and hope do not see the light of day. I also know that those parts are mine really and truly mine. For better or worse they belong to me. I am watching these ladies with my jaw dropping almost to my naturally sagging chest! How do we give ourselves such a warped view that we need to change life and nature and try to erase all that living... Our bodies serve us and lead us into the world to function and experience all life has to offer. Why is that not enough? Why is it not ok that they age and sag and expand? Why is there the thought that you should tuck and pull and sculpt and suck anything that does not match that image? What happened to loving yourself and just being happy being alive, breathing, laughing and moving? Really loving what your body is and what it does for you every day? I wish these ladies could have a reality mirror turned back their way to see they were beautiful but with all the alterations are lost and may actually be gong farther from that beauty they are paying so much to seek. So ladies I know, really love yourself, just try for one day to not say negative things about your bodies, love them and pamper them and thank them for all they accomplish in one 24 hr. period. Women are awesome!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day

Today I am participating in blog action day .( )
This year's topic is poverty. Unfortunately, I think this topic hits close to home today as my dear friend's husband falls prey to nationwide "downsizing" and "cutbacks". And it makes me scared for us all how very close to the edge we all live. How one medical bill or one car repair or one major anything can send us all on this path. As a nation, I think we think of poverty as homelessness and starvation but I think we need to step back and see those are symptoms and even final stages of the disease so to speak. That it starts where most of us are right now, juggling bills and obligations and wrestling rising fuel, heating, and grocery costs. How poverty is being gifted to us as the trickle down from the nation's decisions. And with this trickle down, we find ourselves treading water just a little harder trying to keep afloat and all our balls in the air. Hoping that someone sees reason and eases up the vice on our budgets so that we can climb a few rungs higher than that bottom line. I still find it so very difficult to belive that in 2008 that we can still have such widespread poverty. That we have hunger and homelessness in this huge land of plenty. That we have money for guns, and wars, and bailouts but not for homes, and health, and food. So my hope that on this big blog action day, is that the folks in charge and about to be elected to be in charge, step back and look at what they have done and are doing and reach out to help those that really truly need it... and refocus their priorities on their own...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some days...

Some days everything goes right from start to finish and for one small moment your remember how really great the world is.

Friday, October 10, 2008


After yoga, I want to come home and snuggle in, light some candles and incense, make some coffee or tea, and read...I want to explore the spirit and revel in the peace of my today while doing such a thing (on the front porch), I felt a tickle on my leg, I was about to reach down and swipe away whatever the offender may be when I saw this dragonfly sitting there contentedly. He sat there long enough for my husband to grab me a felt like such a little gift to me in my quest for peace and spirit a little sign that I am on the right path! And it feels like I truly am. I didn't realize what an awesome fit yoga would be into my world and how many inner changes it would bring. I am trying to make peace with some of what has come to the surface and hope that with further practice the answer to the hows will come as well but for now I am very content to be right where I am!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Oh yeah, I think a cold, rainy, fall day is the perfect day for a girl like me to go camping. (Stop laughing John) Me who hasn't camped in decades... Me who thinks camping is no wifi... Me of snuggly creature comfort fame... I can hardly suppress my excitement for this day!

Friday, October 3, 2008

My band...

My boys, my good night out, actually one of my few nights out, are "taking a break" you know breaking up, pursuing other interests...I am so very sad about this...they may have been predictable but bottom line was if you went out to see them you knew it would be a good night and you would get hugged by at least one cute boy possibly more... I know they are onto things that help them stretch and grow but I will miss those nights...