Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ok, so I am watching mindless TV. The gang is snuggled in bed and I am watching a show about women who are having lots and lots of plastic surgery. Now as a woman, I am normal. I have parts of my body I do not love and hope do not see the light of day. I also know that those parts are mine really and truly mine. For better or worse they belong to me. I am watching these ladies with my jaw dropping almost to my naturally sagging chest! How do we give ourselves such a warped view that we need to change life and nature and try to erase all that living... Our bodies serve us and lead us into the world to function and experience all life has to offer. Why is that not enough? Why is it not ok that they age and sag and expand? Why is there the thought that you should tuck and pull and sculpt and suck anything that does not match that image? What happened to loving yourself and just being happy being alive, breathing, laughing and moving? Really loving what your body is and what it does for you every day? I wish these ladies could have a reality mirror turned back their way to see they were beautiful but with all the alterations are lost and may actually be gong farther from that beauty they are paying so much to seek. So ladies I know, really love yourself, just try for one day to not say negative things about your bodies, love them and pamper them and thank them for all they accomplish in one 24 hr. period. Women are awesome!

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