Thursday, August 18, 2011

These Days...

I have been slowed down by an icky summer cold. However, out of this cold I had a really, really great day. This great day was brought to me by that beautiful soul above. Her big sister is out of town, and I have found that when she is on her own she changes and really shines. This little person gently asked for my attention. She wooed and she comforted and she worked and she imagined and she made me completely melt. She told me "This is the best day of my life I am so glad you are home, oh sorry I mean I wish you weren't sick but I am glad I got to spend the day with you." I didn't cry!! There is my year's miracle. How can taking some time and making some time make such a big difference?? Well that is what I thought. But it truly does to one very important little soul who really makes me feel like I am Queen of the world. Thank you my little sage for your care and understanding and for making me a better Mommy!

Monday, August 1, 2011


This weekend we Relayed. We came together as friends and family and worked to raise money to end Cancer. We remembered, we celebrated, we cried, we smiled, we walked and walked some more, we worked, we met new friends, we came together as a community to share an experience. And once again we all left closer and more touched than we were when we arrived, and more tired and sore! But we made a stand and said enough is enough and I am here for you all. Now we rest and recover and brainstorm for next year what else can we do. We are always open. We will take your donations of time and product for next year. Thanks to every single one of you who helped us on our journey in whatever way. No way is ever too small!! Wishing much peace, healing and love to all those effected by this disease.