Sunday, November 29, 2009


So, Bronwyn took part in a program called Girls On the Run. It is set up to empower girls and help them work as a team to meet the goal to run a 5K while learning about body image issues, treating themselves with respect, and healthy living. It is sponsored by Shelterhouse our local domestic violence center. In order to run in this event, my little lady had to have a running buddy. She asked me. I was honored and scared. I am not a runner. I have done it but am not a runner. Then I got sick for most of the practice season and that just added to my fear. So on November 19th I layered up, put on my running shoes, and went with one determined young lady to see what my unfit, unpracticed body could accomplish. Lo and behold...I finished! We walked some or I might have died but we finished the whole thing in 45 minutes so for one non-runner and one 8 yr. old I am pretty proud of that! And all this done to lead in the Santa Parade, culminating in my lovely girl getting a medal and Santa finally making his way downtown!! So if you think you can't do something, if it scares you to think it, then maybe just maybe that is the one thing you absolutely need to be out there doing!!

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