Monday, May 26, 2008

Down time...

John took my lovelies to Indy over the weekend to see my parents before they head off to Ireland for 7 wks. (I couldn't go because I had to work) So I got some down time. Bless his heart but he cleaned and did laundry and even put my bike where I could get it in and out easily by myself so that I would relax and maybe read, watch movies and maybe even craft...but alas I found all asundry things I could clean and weed and get rid of while the ladies were not here to supervise. I finally got around to getting shoe racks for their closet and got all the shoes sorted. This was a major achievement! They have a lot of shoes, we have several folks who hand down to us so we have sizes ahead as well. And two ladies sharing a closet eventually something has to give. So I vacuumed and scrubbed the floor and went through old toys and weeded down the dress up clothes from three bins to two...and I felt like I had really accomplished something!! And my 7 year old was even impressed! (you know it had gotten bad when it was her who had said I wish we had a shoe rack). Then I hit a few yard sales with my thrifting buddy Kate. I didn't find huge things but what I did were uber cheap and made me very happy to look at...I got a leap pad book (why they have stopped producing this wonderful item I do not know!) for .25 new in the package. I got the lovely basket pictured for .50. I got the stars (I have a thing for stars) for .50 I got a brand new package of white taper candles for .25. I got the cool green peg thingie for .10 and the uber find was the lovely baby quilt with hand embroidered squares for .25. There was even a little bat on it which I thought was lovely!! She took me out to lunch after and got me home in time to go to my massage! I must say I didn't realize how badly I needed one of these! It had been nearly a year and I was unable to completely turn my neck to the right to look over my shoulder (work stress has been really high!!) and when the lady was done I had no pain and full movement! Blessings to all masseuses!! You are miracle workers!! After this I got to go home and snuggle up to watch my netflix movie it was The Things We Lost In the Fire. I thought it was quite good and really enjoyed the cinematography! Then I tidied and got some snacks ready for guests set up some candles in the backyard poured myself a gin and Squirt and had a great dancing type evening at home with friends and neighbors. And although I did not craft or ride like I was supposed to it was a good weekend and it was even better to get the gang home last night! I managed to get today off so I could have some time with them before Bronwyn heads back to school tomorrow! So more photos later but there it the update!

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