Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Day Truly Seized!!

We left early this morning from Ann Arbor, after a really bad night in a dorm like hotel, to arrive in Chicago at 12pm. We checked in at the hotel and took a very long meandering walk to The Field museum. (Which after joining the hands on museum in Ann Arbor, I found is a sister museum and we got in free and will also get into Science and industry on Wed for free!!!) The girls very happily saw Sue as Ella puts it "For Real" and Bronwyn soaked in all the exhibits, this place was entirely up her alley especially since she can read most of it all by herself. The ladies were completely exhausted but very pleased to get to sample the public transportation in form of taxis, buses, and trains today! We did make it to my favorite restaurant Earwax, and I had butternut squash and bean quesidillas (seen above). Also above scene from the train, and milennieum park forgive my spelling this evening I have a headache and am so very very tired!!

Tomorrow we get American Girl...and who knows what else we may add...the girls have high hopes of riding a "Dicker Decker" or "Ticker Tacker" ie double decker bus...they each call it so weather may be good enough on Wednesday...

B has been keeping a scrapbook of everything she has done and it is turning out really quite nice!! More as events warrant!!!


Herod Happenings said...

Did you get a recipe?!?:) Looks wonderful!

Sheila said...

No I didn't think to get a recipe! But it was really lovely!! I would have made it spicier though!!