Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter to all!! As you can see our eggs took a new direction this year!! When you forget the coloring improvise! I actually love the new styled eggs!! We are hanging out at home today and having dinner later ham and a tofurky roast for the vegetarian! We are having a few people over to share it all with us! I have a lovely pavlova ready to be assembled which is going to need a little repair but should still be yummy!

Above are views of a "new" cabinet I found to try and manage our clothing issues in the girls' room. I had been looking for a couple of inexpensive wardrobes but really wasn't finding much that I wanted in my home so I thought while John and I were out for our day sans children we could have a poke around the local antique mall. When I saw this cabinet I knew it was had the shelves we needed and the color was even a good fit for future room re-painting that has been requested by our fashionistas!! The ladies helped clean and scrub and they worked to weed down the clothes stash so as to fit into said cabinet and voila we have clothes control!! I had thought of frosting the glass or putting some fabric in the window but the ladies said they like seeing the colors of the clothes so that works for me!! And with the new cabinet a new little nook was created for a much loved little doll, name this week Tika.

And as if this feat wasn't enough, I have had a few evenings out and about with my much loved Irishman. I feel just giddy and silly and like I got time to fall in love with him all over again!! Thanks Grandparents!!

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