Monday, March 24, 2008

Back to the grind...

All the glory and freedom of the Grandparent visit is now past. I hauled my sorry self into work, B was back in school, and Ella had to watch as we all left her at home. And now as witnessed from the bottom photo, we have retired to the couch in semi-upright positions, too tired to think of food and really just anything else... We look so forward to the visiting and escaping and then the flurry is over and we are all off our game and just plain ol' tired!! So we have a few recovery days before we head off to Chicago for some more exploration.

Above is my pavlova on my newly thrifted plate which I really, really like and just seemed perfect for my grasp at spring. It is a very yummy dessert that John's Aunt in Ireland showed me how to make, although this time I had a few issues with my merangue but covered it all up beautifully with the fresh cream! Sneaky lil cook I am!

Second, we finally got a friend's artwork framed! It only took about a year! And we were trying to decide on a place to hang them so left them sitting in the blue room, and we decided that we both really kind of enjoy the look of them right there on the floor! We will see how long they last and if they survive the ladies!!

That is all for my update today! Back to my snuggly blankies!!

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