Monday, March 17, 2008


Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you who are and all of you who claim to be Irish...
We are having a very quiet one here at home. Couch time for Mama, computer time for Papa and creating time for the lovelies. Bronwyn is writing her own book of jokes right now and they seem to crack her and Ella up....although I am afraid they may be lost on the over 7 set. Now she too has given that over for dancing....they keep saying "Is this exercise???" What a slug I feel like sitting here typing away!!
Ella is burning out her boundless stores of energy, she was "working out" as she called it earlier running from one end of the house to the other and is now doing "nastics" and I am betting she collapses here in about 30 minutes!! I also bet it will be I carrying her little self to bed as I bet she will be all out of momentum for the stairs!!
Photos above were the promised maple syrup day ones funnily enough there are none of the tapped trees or our lovely pancake breakfast!! Photo 1: Cooking down pine tree bark to make shellac/glue for buckets and canoes. Photo 2: Me, taken by Ella out at the farm, the animals are still on vacation though, Photo 3: inside the very smokey wigwam Photo 4: Ella wandering at the homestead.
I should be up getting a bed made for my parents as they are coming Wed. for the Easter Weekend. The girls are off Thurs-Sun. and I have my goal set for an early bed time for me tonight!!! Two late shifts and an early today was more than my little body can handle!!!
Enjoy your day of all things green!!!

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