Saturday, February 9, 2008

Slouchy Day

Oh, I would so love to stay home today snuggled under the freshly changed sheets and quilts...but alas I have a day of work still ahead of me!!! And I am having a very slouchy, don't care what I look like day, not so good really when I am supposed to look all polished and professional (yes even on a late Sat. night shift! The govt. knows no weekends!!) So I have put on an outfit that just fits all the technicalities of professionalism but allows me to curl up...and to not assist my already blase mood it keeps SNOWING!!! We are running out of places to shovel it to!!
At least I received my latest issue of I was subscribing to this magazine before Himself ever decided to go veg! Good thing we all aren't complete carnivores! It is already pretty difficult to find my balance making dinners for us all... and even though I love veggies and really do not eat a lot of meat there are a few things I just simply will not give up, like BACON!! Or a really good bbq... or even I will just continue on my omnivore path!! But thankfully there will be something good to peruse on my breaks tonight.
So keep warm and have some slouchy, snuggle time on my behalf!!! More from the ward later!

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