Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby Dinosaur...

Ok, so dinosaurs was the theme at the little one's school today and so she came home as ellasaurus rex...and I was mommysaurus rex and himself was daddysaurus rex...
Lunch converstation:
"mommysaurus rex?"
"Yes ellasaurus rex?"
"I love you mommysaurus rex."
"I love you too ellasaurus rex."
Lunch was leftovers from one of my favorite restaurants here in Midland which is one of the only times in my life that I love steak!! And I think they put crack in the yum yum sauce just so I crave it... all around a good thing, even reheats nicely and the little people like it and the vegetarian in the family does ok there as well...
It was ok. Interesting discussion but not so much a memorable book. The author was a bit sordid in life so some interesting biography information on him.
Found these really cool items on Etsy the other night...oh how dangerous Etsy is for me...very very dangerous!!!!
I have always loved Day of the Dead things so this really struck my fancy...
And I would own any of the jewelry here!!!
That is all for now!! Enjoy your day!!!

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