Saturday, February 2, 2008

Weekend of Spirit

This has turned into a weekend of spirit...I have found myself surrounded by two groups of very different but both very incredible women. I am fortunate to have found a voice and an outlet for all the blessings I find myself with every day.

Imbolc/Brigid's day was today so in honor of the Goddess/Saint of poetry, healing, and fertility we lit candles and meditated and most of all just breathed!!! Sometimes that is the best way to honor what is good in your world just to breathe it all in and fill your entire being with the feeling of contentment!!

Tonight, my lovely friends came over in order to create candles. We all had been talking about Grandparents and family members we missed and pets that we wished were still with us and even in one case a parent who was gone...and someone said the funeral home makes candles from pictures for you...when my head had an aha...we could do our own, modge podge and some color copies and all my endless craft supplies...and so our ancestor night came to be. I always keep an ancestor altar in my home. It is a place I go to remember and ground and feel my lovely Gran still with me. I light a little incense, a candle (or two depending on the issues at hand) and burn a little sage to cleanse ...and I ask them all to watch over our family and keep us brings me peace in days that sometimes have very little...and it allows me to honor those people who have made me who I am... so tonight my candle had a photo of my mother's parents on one side and my father's on the other with the words wisdom and honor on the sides...
I feel so full...having the opportunity to invite such love and spirit and energy into my home and to know it has given happiness and peace to those who have entered is such a gift...yes it was a weekend well spent in refilling and renewing...I am thankful for my friends and my home...

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