Monday, February 18, 2008


Ok so we didn't get a photo of the loveliness that himself made for the I defaulted to a jewelry collection picture...not even close but there you have it...just can't post without a photo...seems wrong...
Ok so the was a day that I would be home for around 1 hr. so the odds of homemade goodness coming from my efforts was zero...we would have been looking at peanut butter sandwiches or maybe even breakfast cereal! So last night himself said to leave him out a recipe and he would make it for dinner!! The poor man should never say this to me!! I always find that one recipe that sounds really great but I have no patience to attempt and dangle it out there for himself. And bless him he dives right in and says here you go... tonight's was It was so, so good! You can tailor the veggies to family tastes and the crust could be anything really but himself upped the whole thing a notch and made the one he found at the whole foods site Simple Pie Crust...oh let me tell you it was all I could do not to eat seconds, thirds, and fourths!! And even better, the lovely ladies both liked it and the elder statesman said she would like to take it for lunch tomorrow!! Yipee!! And to make this whole thing even better, with today's meat recall and the scariness that is the beef industry, it is a meatless event!!
Next I have a recipe for flour tortillas I am hoping he gives a go...oh yeah this is me upping the bar!! Homemade tortillas!!! Woo Hoo!!
Speaking of Who....many thanks to Soulemama for the Who bread was most delicious and a nice treat at work today the hint of cinnamon is lovely!!

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