Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love, true love,

Yes, it is love, true love, anyone who gives me breakfast in bed with fresh brewed coffee...sigh..
Did I mention I am woefully spoilt???
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! To you all! May your day be filled with appreciation and happiness for all those in your world who touch your life... there are so many people in our days that show us love in the smallest ways... and to those many people I say thank you and you are loved!
Ok my Hallmark moment is over...wishing you all days of pink hearts, childish "you are awesome" valentines in the guise of Hello Kitty and Princess pinkness, conversation hearts that say only your favorite things in only your favorite colors, and chocolatey goodness like the cake I hope to bake now!!! the Barefoot Contessa's Beatty's Chocolate Cake...

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BabyBrowman said...

Darn it! Now I have to go watch "The Princess Bride!"