Sunday, February 17, 2008

Can't stop Baking

Ok so I can't stop baking today!! I have to because I need to go to work but I am on a roll and am finally back in the kitchen! After all the ick, I haven't felt much like pottering around in there!
I received my new magazine last week and there are months I make nothing out of them and months like this that I have flagged all the recipes to try! Today I made the banana chocolate muffins, and the French Pain D'Epices, I also have a loaf of WHO bread (compliments of in the machine as we speak. The banana muffins got rave reviews from the little ladies (I haven't tried those yet) the Spice muffins are very layered and yummy, and the WHO bread will not be done till I am ensconced at work...but tomorrow morning breakfast will definitely be a toasted slice!!
Above are photos of the Barefoot Contessa's cake we made for Valentine's day I did change the frosting just a bit, it called for an egg yolk which didn't sound real yummy to me to eat some raw egg on top of such a lovely cake so I added a little olive oil instead and it was fantastic!! And the other photo is my little yummy aiding in clean up!!
Hope you are all safe and warm this dreary February afternoon! Wishing you smells of baked goods wafting through your home!!

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