Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wandering the market...

The Irishman and I stole away downtown today after dropping the ladies at school. I have this week off of work and so far have managed to do nothing remotely productive. But today was market day so we had an amble. I love the farmers market, well really I love farmers. I love the fact that I can wander down and for a few dollars come home with a really healthy meal for my family. And the colors and shapes are really wonderful to look at. I came home with some more corn (want to get some in the freezer!!), a funky white/purple eggplant, some purple sweet peppers, some green onions, plums, peaches, and my incredible bouquet of sunflowers. Sunflowers amaze me all the textures and colors! Plus the lady at our market sells such a lovely, large bouquet for only 3.50!! So I feel pampered and spoiled without breaking the bank!! Then after we had to stop into the local coffee shop for some daydreaming, what-iffing, and himself is asleep on the couch and the little Kindergartener is happily playing with her asundry little toys in the bathroom sink...and I contemplate my next move for the afternoon...hmm, cooking, reading or maybe some much neglected scrapbooking???

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