Friday, September 12, 2008


Projects in progress and finally finished! I bought this lamp, I have a lamp addiction, this summer at a yard sale for one whole dollar!! So I finally got some spray paint and gave it a facelift and now it is happily perched in my blue room!! I love the effect!! However it disrupts the Irishman's gaming area!
Project number two is the scraping of my free desk I got a yard sale this summer. I have no doubt it will not be in anyway perfect by the time I am done but think shabby chic and then you might see my vision. And really for free...could it really be all that bad? Unfortunately, it threatened rain all day so I couldn't finish the rest today. The girls needed a little desk space for their room so hopefully I can get this up to par. I am also hoping to not spend any more cashola on the redo so will have to see what paint we have leftover in the basement that we can use for this. I will post up pics when I am able to finish the job!
Did another two yoga classes this week. I really am loving it! The folks are just so very nice there!!
Back to work tomorrow... gotta keep breathing!!


Jaci_ofthe_dead said...

oh that looks like fun!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheila said...

Thank you! Still hasn't stopped raining!!