Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ok, so after reading The Yoga Journal for quite sometime and now even suscribing, and after doing a few introduction classes, and reading descriptions of yoga's benefits...and all the while nodding and going yes that is me, and yes that sounds like something I need, and yes I need that...I rolled up my dusty mat and went!!!!!!!! I decided that 10 dollars spent on something so wonderful just for me wasn't really such a splurge and that if my health finds a better life balance because of it then it was cheaper than a co-pay at the doctor and it was cheaper than eating out or buying a couple of coffees, so if I can't come up with this money on occasion then I need to reevaluate my budget because this is a need not a want!!!! I know because one hour of restorative yoga at The Yoga Place downtown was like geting an hour massage and finally put my word of the year "BREATHE" back into focus. And although this class was lighter on the yoga part and heavier on breathing (that word again!), I really feel I am onto something here. That this class coupled with a beginners yoga class and I may be able to find that person I think is still under the layers of ick...the one I still sometimes see in the mirror. And maybe just maybe this may be a healthier jump off point for me in all areas of my world. Because once you fix your insides the outsides also follow suit! But I do know for a fact that all change comes from me. And I am hoping that this euphoria isn't just a one hit deal and that I can not be my usual self and find the follow through and keep going! This is something that is important to every aspect of my world and I need to nurture it and quit pushing it aside and pretending it doesn't really, really does!! Thanks Gloria for helping me jump in! Sometimes I do need that push!!

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