Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bay City Boat Trip

Unbeknownst to me, Bay City offers free boat rides out to the Bay during the summer. (Thanks Margaret for the heads up!!) You just have to go over and pick up tickets. It is a nice narrated tour, and other than being chilly as we went mid-August. It was a lovely morning. My parents were up for the fair and so fortunately they got to wander out with us. It helps that I really like Bay City any way and would love to have one of the great condos right there on the water. I daydream about sitting on the decks or inside in front of all the incredible windows with my cup of coffee and a book, relaxing and watching the water. Once again, how I am so very far away from water astounds me. I literally could spend every hour of every day sitting shore side just watching and be fulfilled. Someday...

This is one of my attempts to catch up with the summer that was! Particularly August which truly passed in one giant blur!!!!

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