Thursday, December 4, 2008

New York Funky Style

Ok so I found me some New York Funky Style (see SNL) shoes...but there may be a slight problem...I live in Michigan...and see those shoes...that is not a backdrop that is snow!! And I am wondering if my New York Funky Style shoes will be able to be worn before Spring....
And I would show you some better pictures of New York but my camera is no longer mine...someone has found a new lovely Sony digital camera with all my photos and stunted my continuous capturing of every detail of the trip. But let it be said we came, we walked (a whole lot), we shopped, we oohed, we aahed, we saw two shows (Ave. Q and Wicked), we got to see an art flick that will never be anywhere near our little town, and thankfully we ate a lot of really, really good food!! I even had my first taste of Spanish food and I think I am a fan!! I got to go back to old favorites (Crif dogs and the Puck Fair) and found some new lovelies (L'Express and Grey Dog) and a big ole thanks to Aunt Elaine for the place to lay our heads! And after a surprise overnight in Chicago (gotta love flight delays!) I am happily back home.
At this exact moment I am sitting among the chaos that is our house mid-Christmas decorating... I hate this part, it truly looks like a huge disaster! But the ladies are so excited and ready to take it all over, I might just let them...nah probably not that is not in my DNA!!
Hope all had a restful holiday and are easing into your holiday season!!

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