Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I made it!!!!!!!

After a horrid week of "friends" telling me all my failings in the world and diagnosing me as helplessly depressed and filling my email with ick...I made it to the end of my week!!!!!!!! And so much better it looks, as I will head out with these two who will help me celebrate (a day early) my Birthday! I get to go to Genji my favorite local establishment! And I think there may be a few more stops before they return me home so I can get ready for an early call tomorrow!!

Tomorrow (my birthday and thanksgiving to the rest of you) I head off to NYC with two lovely ladies who are ready to bring me out of my funk and explore and eat!! So the week took a much better turn. This is probably helped by my Birthday gift from my Scotch coach!!

Hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving! I will I am sure! I will miss Mom's green beans and fruit salad but somehow I think I will get by ok! Don't lose sight that there are so many things to be grateful for! Mine this week are all the wonderful people (you know who you are) that took time to lift me up and remind me some people do not matter as much as others...Thank you folks!!!


Herod Happenings said...

I have thought about you so much lately. Hope you have a wonderful time in New York. I know how much you enjoyed it last time. You hold a place in my heart. Wish I could be there for you now.

Sheila said...

Thank you Michelle that means a lot! I sure miss having you to chat with!!

curious girl (lisa) said...

I hope your birthday was fun! and glad to see you made it out of the funk.