Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Awesomeness...(it is too a word)

My friend Kate and I saw Coldplay in Detroit on Monday night. I was not a huge fan, I liked their music and was willing to go with...but I am a believer after the awesomeness that was the show on Monday night. They are incredible in all areas of showmanship and seem to truly care about their fans. I can say this as fact really, bottom pic, the guy in that picture came to us in the rafter seats and asked if we were fans. We skeptically said yes...and he said, "Well your night is about to get a whole lot better." Then he asked us to guess what he was going to say...we didn't dare...then he says you are being moved to the floor seats. Me being ever skeptical of anyone like this says so we give you our tickets and then will we get kicked out trying to use these tickets. He laughed and said no Coldplay just wants enthusiastic fans up front. So down we go to see where we will be and if we will be ejected...and surprisingly no...we are escorted very nicely to 4th row seats!!! We were squealing quite a bit!! And the fourth photo was taken on the extended stage right by my seat and yes I could have touched him but did show some restraint! These guys are amazing! If you have any hope of getting there do so!!

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curious girl (lisa) said...

I'm jealous!

and I love the yellow flowers on your banner.