Saturday, November 8, 2008


Ok, so actually she will not be 5 till Tuesday but her party was last night. She only started planning it on her Birthday last year (a career in the making?). The Tinkerbell theme was all hers and thankfully it was pretty easy to come up with goodies for it. As opposed to Bronwyn's chef's party last year and her mermaid party when mermaids weren't cool... I always let the girls plan their menu with some encouragement for at least one healthy food form. Ella picked pizza, chocolate cake, vanilla cupcakes, doritos, grapes, m&m's and Sprite! In case you can't tell, she doesn't get doritos and sprite often so they are the ultimate party food for her! I really love the cupcake tower idea and find it really helps stretch the cake at large kid parties. (Thanks Dione for the cake plates!!)

I am really astounded that my baby, MY BABY!!!, will be 5 years old on Tuesday. It doesn't seem possible. She has changed so very much in the past few months though. The way she thinks and how she talks and how she puts words together. I am sure I am like other parents but I am really not so ready for her to be this grown up. I want to snuggle a whole lot more and here all her funny stories and watch as she cuddles her way through her days. I guess I always will it will just be different, maybe a little too different for my mama heart! Here's to being 5!!

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