Monday, December 8, 2008

Ella Day!

Ok, so Saturday was Ella day. She and I made our way downtown for the Yoga Place's open house for some free kid yoga. Then we wandered in the snow down to Daddy O's for 25 cent hot chocolate and some lunch. After that we caught one of the free carriage rides up Main St. toward the Santa House. We decided to see if he might be at home and luckily for us he was and no one else was visiting! So she walked right in and gave him a huge hug, the first year of hugs and no tears. She told him she wanted a stuffed Penguin toy took his candy and had a little wander and play time. Ella is iffy for photos. I swear I could use an SLR just to try to capture one good photo of her, she is a ball of energy, but on this day she posed and hammed and played for me and even did a little song and dance that she does in school which looks quite insane but made me laugh so hard. After all our visits we went to the candy shop and had free treats from the Chocolate fountain and Ella met a new stuffed animal she felt needed to come home, her weakness is stuffed animals or toys of any kind. She loves them! So she and I had a full afternoon and then the magic ended as I had to go home and get ready for work! Gotta love this little monkey though!!

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