Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holly Jolly...

So this year I had it in my head that I would really, really like to have some fresh holly to decorate. So while I was happily entertaining two lovely ladies, my Irishman tipped out and came home with a large bundle of holly. I was so excited. I know those of you who have access to it all the time will not possibly understand the excitement over something as simple as holly but it is a novelty for us city girls!! I am a very lucky woman! And I truly love the effect it had tucked in and about the nooks and crannies!
The first photo is two of our Christmas decorations having a mid-day snack with a new bear that came home to live with lady Ella. One of the things I enjoy about having kids is these little surprise scenes you sometimes find around the corner. You just never know who might be enjoying a meal in your home!
Hope everyone is enjoying those special details that make the holidays special. Now I need to sort out making my Christmas gifts but I just cannot get motivated! I have a lot of peeling in my future!!

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curious girl (lisa) said...

I want to come to your house for christmas! that window with the stars is amazing.