Thursday, December 25, 2008


Down they came...(luckily it was 8am!)
Yes she got straws for Christmas!! And she was happy about it!!

Let the play begin, lots of horses to be had!!

The best gift!!! She made my Beetle in school!!

My witches ball...

Another lovely ornament made in school!

This is actually a typewriter for the dolls!

B's sewing box! She did get her sewing machine and has been sewing all morning!

And the Irishman got a lovely new hat straight out of Fargo...should I be scared he has the expression to match??? Hmmm...

And Ella got her Kit Kittridge hat...
I have dinner on and have hopes of having two girls and their other halves over for dinner and am making dinner for the guys working at the tower today...and then let there be dancing!!
So hope everyone's Christmas is filled with awe, joy, and peace today. Hope you all have plenty and find a little something to be grateful for this holiday season!!

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John said...

now all i need is an axe...wait a sec, i have one!