Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!!

Where on earth did 14 years go??? It seems just like yesterday you were asking me to fetch a stick on an Irish beach and now here we are amid the crazies still finding time to see each other and hear each other...in this home and life we have made together. I like us. I like how we complement each other and are really partners in this marriage. How you lift me up....you steady me.... and you make me laugh when I really believe I can't. Thank you John!! Thanks for the everyday things that make life so much better! I love you now and always!!! xoxoxoxo (a day early!! )

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Anonymous said...

Dear woman, you simply have taken leave of your senses...it is impossible that 14 years hence we exchanged vows, For surely it is only a matter of 14 months. Per chance the fevers suffered by such a fair maiden as yourself during the stressful carriage of your infants has clouded your memory? Whilst my own faculties have doubtless blurred to some degree, it is with great strenuous effort that i recall ever throwing a stick for a dog, indeed such an action would put any unfortunate animal at some considerable distress and dare i say danger and i could never condone or endorse the endangerment of a fellow creature. Aside from this banter, let me say that my heart has remained full of your charms and you are never far from my thoughts. Often it is you alone that occupy the landscape of my dreams.
your obedient servant.
Mr. J. F. McCoy.