Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Drive in...

Well finally the drive in post! We got to go to the Cherry Bowl Drive In near Beulah, MI. Although the top photo refuses to load properly. It was 8.50 per adult and kids 12 and under are free. It is a double feature, but let me warn you being dark wasn't until almost 10pm and the first feature wasn't done till 12am we didn't exactly make it for movie number 2! In fact our youngest made it all of 15minutes into the first one! The drive in prides itself on being family friendly and I would have to say they do a great job. All movies are PG-13 or under, they have employees walk up and down the aisles during the movie to keep an eye on the old time drive in activities, you know what I am least if you are my age and older you do... There is a miniture golf course (which we were too late to do), a hula hoop area, a frisbee area, and the fun little cutouts above. We had to hit the concession stand as well...because well you just do at the movies. The most expensive bucket of popcorn (which was gianormous I think you can almost see it in the car picture) was 4.95 and everything else was very reasonable (think hotdogs 1.75, fries 1.99...) so even if your little people or even yourself just have to have some junk you can afford to do it! And unlike the old days when I used to go to drive ins with friends you can actually hear these movies, you can tune in your radio station and use the 1950's speakers which the girls thought was funny. We were fortunate they were showing Walle as we were wanting to see that this summer. So as I said Ella fell asleep snuggled in quilts, in her jammies, with her Teddy in the back of the car, Bronwyn sleepily made it till the end, John and I snuggled into our hoodies and blankies cold and fighting off huge man eating mosquitoes!! But my Irishman enjoyed the novelty of the American drive in, Browyn liked getting to sit in the back of the car, and Ella is under the impression she saw the entire movie!! I love the trip down memory lane! So if you find yourself near Traverse City it is worth a journey to the ole Cherry Bowl Drive in!

Also go over and check out she is giving away a fantastic quilt that I hate to encourage competition for but want more chances...double edged sword really but go over and enter! It is fantastic! And if you win you can give it to me for my Birthday! So I am here to help really!

Ok, my one day weekend is underway, overtime on Friday, growl...but a friend is kindly taking our lovelies for a sleepover tomorrow so John and I get to have a date day! Mind there isn't much to do here but just to have coffee and watch a movie and not have to say stop, don't, come here, leave her alone...will be good enough....unfortunately I will have to get up crazy early Friday for work...can't have it all can you??? But really 4:45am the day after date day...when there will be no one in my home poking us for breakfast...or yelling or running...sigh enjoy John!

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Courtney said...

oh my goodness this looks like so much fun! I so wish we had a drive in here in Houston.