Thursday, July 10, 2008


These are but a few of the many images from our trip up north. My lovely friend Christine has had her cottage (see last photo) for years but her husband Mike had just finished renovations of the guest cottage out back so we were very pampered with our own bathroom, kitchen sink, and fridge! We crammed a lot of exploration into a short visit! We saw the 4th of July parade (which was very!! long), went to Crystal Lake Beach (I avoided the water which was cluded with very delayed Mayflys!), browsed the downtown (see first photo), had a fire complete with smores!!, went to fireworks, and the next day Ella got to enjoy a bath in her outdoor clawfoot tub it even has hot water!! I was just jealous as I would have loved to have had a bath at night under the amazing sky full of stars! (Alas the mosquitos were very sad I didn't do some stargazing!!) It is really lovely up there. She has 4 acres of property with a little trail you can walk through the woods and all her incredible flowers and plants...and to be so near the water and the beach is fabulous! Why I am not somewhere on a body of water I will never wrap my head around really...I am drawn to it, I thrive on it, it relaxes me and calms me and I could spend days just sitting and watching it...maybe when I grow up...more photos tomorrow plus I get to give a csa update as I go pickup our weekly haul tomorrow!

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