Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So on the suggestion of a friend, we went to a cute little restaurant and I mean little (the top photo is taken from the far side of the restaurant to the other side!!) in Sanford. It is called Elvira's and has a very reasonably priced menu and yummy mexican food and good service... and can I tell you how awesome the desserts were?!! Of course I can!! They were big and yummy. We got a mexican cookie which was ice cream, chocolate syrup and cinnamon chips and a fried banana which was the banana and ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup and even better they were only 2.95 each!! So even for a yummy dessert it was a good stop. (And for those of you who know John he did not shrink nor did I grow, Bronwyn told him to stoop down so she could get us all in!) So even though my lovely vegetarian doesn't love mexican food we will be back!!

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