Sunday, June 15, 2008

So into it...

Bronwyn has been working on Father's Day for weeks now. She has crafted and made all kinds of lovely things for Dad. She has made lists of "Good Stuff" about him. She instructed me that I had to make lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting, because those are his favorite,(and if you haven't seen it might I suggest you peruse a copy of Vegan cupcakes take over the world, we are not vegan so I sub the regular stuff for things like butter and milk but everything I have made from there is awesome!!) before I went to work Saturday night, well she actually ended up making them with a little assistance of the measuring kind from me. Then she came and got me up this morning because I had to make him breakfast so they could take it to him in bed. I received a recipe for capp. carmel bread from a lovely lady named Kimberly last night so since it was bread machine bread I popped it in before I went to bed. She suggested using it for French Toast which of course I had to do! It was fantastic!! We were running low on milk for the french toast part but had vanilla hemp milk so I used that, it was very good and smelt yummy too but I must say very, very filling!!! And you can see all the asundry things that her ladyship thought Dad needed this morning, and with two slices of the toast he couldn't even touch the rest! Bronwyn even gussied up the tray with petals that had fallen off my beloved poppies. She has an eye for style that I must say skipped a generation as I have never had it and never will!!!
Oh and lets take a moment to mourn the passing of poppy season!! The last petals are falling as we speak!!! So short the season of poppiness!!

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