Friday, June 6, 2008


Ok, so let me start by saying I know nothing about real know correct dirt, correct lighting, correct watering, correct plant arrangements, correct anything really... I have been more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gardener...people have plants to thin, I am there with a bucket and shovel, people have decided to cut back on some of plant x, I am there...and then I try to find an optimal place in my little city yard to make them happy...I dig, I shovel in some lovely compost, I plant, I water, and take daily walks to watch for the neverending battle of the weeds...and I cheerlead...and low and behold there is often success!! (Proof: baby sleeping in transplanted happily spreading woodruff, sun smiling behind transplanted varigated lemon balm, thriving blooming transplanted gorgeous iris, and cutely blooming donated lemon thyme!!! and my friend's garage sale found hens and chicks, oh and some annuals planted by the ladies in front of my great candle holder find for a whole dollar at a yard sale!!) I am not a good little gardener and have yet to perfect the battle of the weeds...but I love the planting and especially when they all start to green back up after our very long winter's! I feel so fulfilled to see those little plants poking through that still very cold ground...and you can imagine my excitement as I wait for all those buds to finally bloom!! I have contemplated taking a master gardener's class but timing has never worked for me to get into one...and I wonder if that would kill some of the thrill for me...the seeming magic of small successes...and how would I feel to find I have truly done it all completely I still think about it...maybe for fun...maybe just more time to get my hands in the dirt!! Who knows... And to tell you the truth, if anyone would have told my teenage self I would love this so very much, I would have had some very unkind words to throw your way!! My mother has always been an outdoors, gardening lover...and she tried to get us interested and active and I can say I never got it...I hated bugs and heat and thought weeding and watering were just a pain of monumental proportions...but now I see the release the grounding the getting back to where we began the feeling of accomplishment as you transform the ground around you...a little zen really! And although I do not suscribe to her use of chemicals and fertilizers...I think I inherited a little more from her than I had thought...thanks mom!!! May all your little corners of the world bloom!! (Still anticipating those poppies!!! I am just a little bit excited about their arrival!!!)

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