Thursday, February 12, 2009 is a word!!!

Taking a break listening to some old time radio shows!

Bronwyn celebrates her Mammoth find!

Can't remember his name but that is in fact his head!! And his color was so vibrant!

I so would not like to meet the snake whose jaws could open this large!!

Bronwyn wanted me to take this to show how sad she was to see snakes had died so people could use their skins to make shoes, belts, and purses....future activist???

I love this guy!! One eye was looking at me the other at the Irishman!

Gecko foot!!

Ella matches some questionable looking tongues to the animal...

Nosy Lizard...

Bronwyn and the iguana...

So after school today, after the Valentine's parties, the great lunch at Cafe Zinc with the Irishman, after a stop at the library, the ladies asked to go to The Center For the Arts (conveinently located at the end of our street). The exhibit was for Snakes and Lizards and the ladies have been asking to go since they saw the first flyer about a month ago. This begging was definitely heightened by the appearance of a giant inflatable iguana on the top of The Center. So since there isn't any school for the ladies tomorrow and because we happen to have a members pass, we went...and it was just as amazing for the Irishman and I as it was the ladies. I must say the one I found most fascinating and creepy was the Mamba... if I was walking in the woods somewhere and saw it I wouldn't have been scared. It is a gorgeous vibrant green and has the cutest little is thin and long and just not frightening. Yet this little lovely is extremely venomous!!! I would have been a goner for sure!!! The museum also had a motorcycle exhibit and Rodin sculptures that are touring... it was a nice evening!
The afternoon was saved by my friend Kate. The Irishman and I had scheduled an elegant little luncheon at a newer restaurant downtown that is not at all child friendly. But Ella's second half of school was cancelled because the teacher was sick...I was ready to be extremely disappointed but Kate saved the day. The restaurant was really lovely and every detail was perfection. It was designed like a French Bistro and I think it really has an older feel. It reminded me of a restaurant we would have gone to in NYC. And if you didn't know better you would swear it was a renovated older building not a completely newly built addition to a hotel!! The food was perfect...simple and well done, the service was fantastic...the selection of desserts/pastries was also fabulous, the prices were decent, and the feeling of getting away and escaping in this small town was priceless! We would definitely go back!! They even said the chefs work around dietary restrictions ie vegetarian Irishmen and can adapt and change recipes or menu items to suit!!!
So it was a day seized!! I also helped at two different Valentine's parties today and must say I am grateful I have two lovely ladies who more times than not are respectful, well mannered, and relaxed! Hope you all enjoy your Valentine's days and get to spend them with someone very special!!

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