Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ella had part of her menagerie down in the living room today. She also was in a picture mood and wanted me to take pictures of her faces and all her animals! Ella has always been a stuffed animal girl. There are times when she gets in her bed that we can't find Ella for all the animals (think ET in the closet) but you cannot take them off the bed she knows exactly who should be on there and will go searching for someone if she thinks they have gone missing. So today I snapped away while she felt like posing and captured her little arrangement of friends including Ellie her new addition of a really wonderful pillowlike stuffed Elephant that I fell in love with sitting by her ownself in the clearance section of the grocery store. Oh and after the hamming came a big ole tickle fest!!!

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John said...

She gets her love of stuffed animals from me by the way! I want a Mini!